Weekly Wrap-Up

It’s up to President Trump to clean up President Obama’s mess in Syria, and the President has taken decisive action to do just that – and in doing so, he has struck a blow against the Obama Administration’s feckless foreign policy.

I’m sure you’ll all join me in praying for our nation as these tensions escalate, and especially for our men and women in uniform who sacrifice so much so America can lead the world. 

Obama Era foreign policy is still little more than a question mark, and it’s looking increasingly likely that Obama’s foreign affairs crew committed criminal acts – but we’re already seeing results from President Trump… whether it’s more aggressive U.S. leadership at the UN or a drop in illegal immigration now that would-be scofflaws know that President Trump means what he says.   

So here’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll: What do you like most so far about President Trump’s foreign policy?

Hillary is back with expert analysis of her election loss, and – surprise, surprise – she thinks it had very little to do with her own campaign.  She’s blaming the usual suspects: Sexism, misogyny, Russia, and on and on…. 

Of course this makes for a perfect question for our new Weekly Poll: What do you think is the REAL reason Hillary Clinton lost the White House? There are so many legitimate answers – none of them involving ridiculous claims of sexism. 

Today Judge Neil Gorsuch will be confirmed as the next Supreme Court Justice by the U.S. Senate – yet another example of President Trump keeping his campaign promises (and of the Democrats continuing to earn the “Stupid Party” label). 

Baseball is finally back, and there is endless analysis of where the Mets and Yankees stand headed into the 2017 season.  The Yankees had an outstanding Spring Training, but I hear the Mets have some talented minor leaguers

So here’s the third and final question for our new Weekly Poll: Do you think the Mets or the Yankees will impress us the most this year? 

Have a great weekend!