Daily Update

Tom Precious, writing in the Buffalo News, has a good update as to what is and isn’t in the NYS Budget and what is still not resolved.   State of Politics reported on the NYS Budget this way in their morning memo.  The latest, according to Twitter, is that the Democrats are huddling with Speaker Heastie.  One thing is certain, Gov Cuomo and Sen. Jeff Klein want your tax dollars  to pay for immigration services.  Notice how the headline are article omit the word illegal!!   The NY Post headline appears to lay the blame for the lack of a budget on Charter Schools, thank the democrats for not wanting your children to have better opportunities in education.   Wait, the latest is that the democrats will accept the compromise on Charter Schools. and the other two “obstacles.”.  Here is the latest from State of Politics.  Just remember, we have been at this juncture before.  

The “nuclear option” is done.  And you can thank the democrats.  Now that they are not in control, they aren’t happy about the “nuclear option.”  It wasn’t that long ago when liberal pundits praised Harry Reid for going nuclear.  We shouldn’t be surprised, so many are hypocrites on far too many subjects.  

The Federalist is reporting that the Obama spying scandal started long before Trump.  And the latest on this is that the unmasking was not broad, rather it revealed personal details.  Here is what Investor’s Business Daily has to say on the subject.  Michael Goodwin thinks Ms. Rice’s record damages her credibility.  

The Heritage Foundation explains how big government actually hurts the poor.