Daily Update

It appeared NYS has a budget, but, the details were still murky.  We know that the millionaires tax remains in place for two more years and that the Raise the Age issue was agreed to, but the latest information says Raise the Age is back on the table according to this report filed by State of Politics at 12:43 PM. The reality is that until the actual votes are taken, no one, including the members,  will really know what is and isn’t in the budget.  Zack Fink posted this on State of Politics at 1;59 PM, interesting background on the Raise the Age issue.  Here is what the NY Post had to say about the budget…note that it was written last night.  Here is another article on the budget, written by Tom Precious for the Buffalo News.  

Where does the NYC Council think the money they want to spend comes from?  NYC Council proposes millions for discount MetroCards for poor, Citi Bike expansion.  Council Members:  if you continue spending the only New Yorkers left in the City will be poor.  

Betsy McCaughey gives us some food for thought in her latest article: In America’s drug crisis, pandering pols emerge as big part of problem.  

New Yorkers’ initial reaction to Congressman Kevin Brady will most likely be that the tax overhaul being considered is unfair — and NY politicians will scream foul — however, the real problem is that New York State taxes are out of control, far too high and getting higher every day with proposals to take care issues that government should not be involved with.  It is no wonder that 1 million people have already left New York since 2010.  This, Governor Cuomo is your legacy.  USA Today confirms New York State has the highest tax burden….California is 10th!

Can we please let Catholic Schools stay Catholic?  

Oh my, Chris Cuomo goes off the deep end calling the Susan Rice story a “fake scandal.”   Meanwhile,  a former CIA analyst says Susan Rice’s NDA demasking denials don’t add up.  The Federalist opines on why Susan Rice’s role in the Obama spying story is a big deal  Charles Hurt writes in the Washington Times that Susan Rice somehow manages to make Benghazi cover-up seem minor.  

US Ambassador Condemns Syrian Gas Attacks, Urges United Nations to Act

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