Daily Update

Governor Andrew Cuomo said yesterday that Congressmen John Faso and Chris Collins “declared war on NY” with their amendment to the American Health Care Act (AHCA).  And the lemmings in the Democratic Party followed suit stating that the Faso/Collins Amendment would be detrimental to the health of New York.  Politico NY has an extensive article, authored by Jimmy Vielkind, which tries to be straight reporting, but leaves a lot out.  It neglects to include certain very important facts; for example, the federal government only requires Medicaid to cover 16 health benefits, however New York State choses to cover 41!   NY’s Cadillac coverage now has the costs of a Rolls-Royce What is detrimental to the health of New York is the years of having a Medicaid program that costs more than twice the national average.  New York’s costs are so far out of line that the state sticks local governments with a substantial share—and that, in turn, is a major reason our property taxes are so high.  Governor Andrew Cuomo has a very weak argument against the Faso/Collins amendment, there are numerous ways the state can absorb the 1.5% it would lose from the counties and if NY just provided the required 16 benefits instead of the 41 it choses to, the state and counties would both benefit.  Governor Cuomo should also read what his father, Governor Mario Cuomo said in 1994 and the NY Times agreed with.   As we said yesterday, we stand with Congressman John Faso and Congressman Chris Collins — and thank them for standing up for New York’s citizens.

Here is another article in Politico on the simmering feud between Collins and Cuomo.  

Just remember that everything Andrew Cuomo’s every move is now about his 2020 hopes.  

Another colossal waste of taxpayer’s money!

The Wall Street Journal calls the upcoming vote on the AHCA a defining moment.  (The article was posted on Twitter, so everyone should be able to access it.)

The Supreme Court limits presidential appointment power.  

Kathleen Gallagher writes in The Tablet about teens being feed fake news by the secular media. Parents, if you teenage daughter reads Teen Vogue you must read Mrs. Gallagher’s article so you know what your daughter is being exposed to by the editors of the magazine.  We recommend Grandparents read the article also to know what the youngsters of today are reading.