Daily Update

Congressmen John Faso and Chris Collins offered an amendment to the American Health Care Act designed to help New York State taxpayers by offering mandate relief to upstate counties.  Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s reaction is to call them “Conservative Zealots,”   Congressman John Faso was on the Fred Dicker radio show this morning to explain the necessity of the amendment.  Listen to it here.  And learn more about it here in Congressman Chris Collin’s press release.  The Conservative Party fully supports this amendment to give New Yorkers some much needed mandate relief.  

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has an insatiable appetite for taxes!  Gov. Cuomo continues to find new ways to  impose and collect increasingly more taxes from New Yorkers’ and never acknowledges that the more he demands, the more people and businesses leave.  Way to go Governor, your concern for your constituents is pure malarkey.  

Here is more malarkey from some of New York’s wealthiest residents.  If they truly wanted to pay more taxes, nothing is stopping them from writing a check to the NYS Department of Taxation instead of looking for every possible write-off they can find when filing their taxes.  Hey guys, take your gross income and pay the taxes due on that.  Leave the rest of us alone.

According to this Gov. Cuomo is getting ready to play Santa Clause again next year when he distributes up to 60 discretionary funding pots, up $2 billion from last year.  His insatiable appetite for taxes — your money — will most likely be distributed in an election year to buy your vote.  

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik was center state yesterday when questioning FBI Director James Comey.  

The long, sharp knives are out for Judge Neil Gorsuch, a gentleman deemed “well-qualified” unanimously by the American Bar Association.  Be sure you sign our petition telling Sen. Schumer to stop playing politics and confirm Judge Gorsuch now.  

Do you have children going off to college?  Read this before anyone signs for a student loan.  If attending college soon, one must be prepared for this and this.  

Dennis Prager opines on the most dangerous addiction of them all: Entitlements.  

Photo credit:  IBTimes.com