Daily Update

The NY Post editorial takes the opportunity to remind Sen. Schumer of his words in 2013.  For a smart man, Sen. Schumer seems to forget — or nefariously chooses not to remember — things he has said in the past.  

We are a government of laws, not men.  

There should be a way to hold judges who make very poor decisions responsible.  As long as the left leaning democrats in the Assembly are in control, there is no hope of passing Recall.  

One judge that will probably never need to be recalled is Judge Neil Gorsuch whose hearings kicked off today.  The Senate Judiciary Committee plan to vote by April 3rd, then the floor “fight” will begin in earnest.  Charles Hurt opines in the Washington Times on Neil Gorsuch and the corpse flower.  

Another state suggests that non-citizens voted in past elections.  

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s other power grab.

National Review investigated the Meals on Wheels and found that the press was wrong.  

The Daily Signal explains that this isn’t fake news.  

Fox News has the latest on the FBI investigations of Russian ties.  FBI director, James Comey will not comment on the obvious leaks that the press have reported.  

Robert Knight opines in the Washington Times on freeing religion from government’s grip.