Daily Update

We have said it before and will continue to stress the fact that elected officials take an oath to uphold the US Constitution and protect its citizens.  Mayor de Blasio and his Administration are more concerned about keeping New York City as a sanctuary city than they are about the safety of those who were born here or came here legallyAdvocates want to make it easier for non-violent criminals to stay in NYC, but the rest of us have this message for Bill de Blasio:   your time as Mayor — and your ultra left ideals — are coming to a close.   By the way, Mr. Mayor, how are you going to pay your legal fees.  

Venezuelans Now On A Forced Starvation Diet — Thanks, Socialism!  

Terrorism Isn’t The Only Reason To Curb Refugee Admissions.  

Call me old fashioned, but I remember when businesses used to succeed or fail on their own.  

This article helps explain why we see Governor Cuomo helping stranded motorist, will we see him cleaning yards in the spring, acting as a lifeguard in the summer and raking leaves in the fall?  When you do see those photos, remember that Governor Cuomo wants state agencies to pump out good news.  If Governor Cuomo only wants state agencies to promote “good news” why does Gov. Cuomo keep pushing the millionaires tax?  Pushing more New Yorkers out of New York hardly denotes good news.  

NY Senator admits that Neil Gorsuch will probably  be confirmed as US Supreme Court Justice, The Washington Times has more information on some of his past decisions.

No Excuse for Congress Not to Pass Criminal Code Reforms So Innocent Americans Don’t Get Punished.    

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