Daily Update

There is high praise in this article by Brian Simka for President Trump’s choice of Lt. Gen. H. M. McMaster  to be his national security adviser.  The Washington Times also has praise for one of the top 100 most influential people in the world according to Time Magazine’s 2014 list.   Want to more about McMaster, read or Google “73 Easting

Rep. Elijah Cummings (Md.) is right….in this instance. 

Trump Versus Obama: Whose Cabinet Nominees Faced More Obstruction?   Will you see this chart in the mainstream media…it is no wonder why President Trump slams the msm.  Micheal Goodwin expresses in his column, that the President is the one who calls the shots, not the media.  The question then becomes — will the press just report the news (as the Washington Free Beacon did) or will the continue to opine in what should be the news.  No one has a problem with opinions — we all have them — but they do not belong in the news portion of the mainstream media.  Or will the mainstream media continue to be purblind to the accomplishments of Donald J. Trump and his administration as they deliver to the voters who didn’t fall for the written deceits portrayed by “journalists.”

Good news from the Trump Administration.   And more good news here.  

And then there is this:  DHS secretary orders immigration agent hiring surge, end to ‘catch-and-release’  Townhall.com spells it out more here.  

The bogus case for boosting school aid.  

De Blasio turned a blind eye to ACS disaster.  

This Syracuse Post Standard article spells out some of the problems when government grants are involved with private enterprise —  government always has the last word and does what it planned all along to do..