Daily Update

The US National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine says it will be acceptable to modify human embryos destined for implantation in the womb.  What a Pandora’s Box!!  Every woman who carries a child wants their baby to be healthy, every husband and wife have the expectation that their child will be able to have a healthy, normal life.  But some parents know there is the possibility of genetics disrupting their expectations and will grasp at anything that will eliminate the cause of a baby being born with a genetic abnormality.  If we open this Pandora’s Box, we create a slippery slope that elitists will use to create designer babies.  We rang the clarion bell when abortion was normalized, but people said we were overreacting.  We were not wrong then, nor are we wrong now.  The Us National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine must not be allowed to pursue this course…every child is perfect even when born with imperfect genes for they are the ones who love us unconditionally and teach us so much. No matter how many safeguards may be put in place, once the method of genetic engineering is perfected, nefarious opportunists will abound.  

There are other ways to help end genetic abnormalities…cord blood research is promising.  Read about it here.   A special thank you to Sen. John DeFrancisco for all he has done to advance the saving of cord blood.  

NY medical pot company prospecting for new customers in nursing homes.  New York’s medical pot program has struggled to attract patients…so the CEO of Etain is looking for patients in nursing homes.  Read more here.  

Ben Shapiro has some thoughts on General Flynn’s resignation.  

This is interesting, the IBEW Local 58 (in Michigan) wanted their union membership to show a photo ID if they wanted to resign from their membership.  (It has been struck down by the NLRB).  I find it interesting that a big labor union would require a photo ID to resign, yet a photo ID to vote is considered burdensome.  

Reclaim New York is reporting on a bombshell report in the Times Union that may reveal a quid pro quo.  Here is the Times Union article.  

Senate Leader John Flanagan believes that Governor Cuomo’s  plan to force consolidation of local governments goes too far.  

Cal Thomas writes a beautiful love story on Valentine’s Day…and has some good advice for married couples.  

The Daily Signal pays tribute to Frederick Douglass.