Daily Update

The Non-Silence of Elizabeth Warren: The Next Democratic President Might Get the Trump Treatment.  After being “silenced” — when she dismissed the rules of the Senate — she wasted no time in sending out an email to raise money.  It is rather pathetic that she compared herself with true heroes.  

Sen. Tim Scott, on the other hand, is a Senator we should all be proud of.  

The Daily Signal on the increased cost of food with the $15 minimum wage.  The Coming Minimum-Wage Tsunami Will Wash Away Millions Of Minority Jobs.  

This article is about the New Trier High School in north suburban Chicago, can you be sure it isn’t about your local high school also?

By Getting Rid Of Education Department, Trump Can Fulfill Reagan’s Wish.  

The main stream media doesn’t give us all the facts…here is why President Trump and a problem with Australia.   

Americans Trust Trump Administration More Than News Media in New Poll.  

Former State Dept Official: Trump Didn’t Go Far Enough on Refugee Order, I Have Seen First-hand Its Abuse, Fraud

Terror Threat: Venezuela Has Been Selling Official Passports to Anyone Willing To Pay…In Iraq.

Mayor deBlasio is making YOU pay for his re-election campaign