Daily Update


Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan stands up for the safety of New York State residents.

GOP breathes new hope into the education system when Betsy DeVos wins confirmation as education secretary as VP Pence casts historic vote

The Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren’s, leftist elitist in Hollywood want a government like this;  Venezuela is still paying for its failed experiment with socialism

Look at what is happening in Canada: Euthanasia ‘Safeguards’ Soon Seen as ‘Hurdles’.  Mr Wesley J. Smith has profound words at the end of his column….”We need to think about this as the assisted suicide argument unfolds here: Accepting euthanasia changes a society’s collective consciousness. The impetus to protect life soon morphs into a drive to embrace death.”

Did they not learn there lessons…undocumented aliens should not be given driver’s licenses. 

The Empire Center has a great tool to understand the NYS Budget…check it out here.

This is good news for those who have to visit the VA hospitals

Time Warner News writes about our conference last week.  And Chairman Mike Long was on Fred Dicker’s radio program last Monday...you can hear him here.  Chairman Long begins at the 25:15 mark. The Times Union even covered our CPPAC event last week. 

Big Brother has a new role