Daily Update

First things first….what an exciting Super Bowl game, despite the commercials that were not up to par or outright political.  Personally I missed Budweiser’s Clysdale horses.

On to more important things,   The Daily Signal informs us that more than 100 sanctuary cities across America received a total of $27 billion in federal funds in one year of which $7.6 billion goes to NYC.  Look at the chart and realize how much of a hole the NYC budget will have if President Trump withholds funds because NYC insists it should be a sanctuary city.  

Rogue Federal Bureaucrats Threaten Trump’s Agenda

Why the North Carolina voter ID case matters.

You have to be strong and comfortable in your beliefs to swim upstream when everyone else is swimming in the opposite direction. 

Will President Trump be able to fix this

Nothing surprising here:  GOP defectors have received thousands from Teacher’s Union.

File these articles under:  Do as I say, not as I do.   Honestly, the arrogance of the left is beyond belief. 

Look Who Funds The Group Behind The Call To Arms At Milo’s Berkeley Event.   Here is more on liberal tolerance.

A N.Y. health law so broken, it’s sick

One would think that a “bleeding heart liberal” would have more compassion for the most vulnerable of New York’s population. 

On Ronald Reagan’s birthday, here is his gift to you

Thomas Sowell feels that strongly about education that he offers us some wise words.