Brooklyn, NY — Chairman Michael R. Long urged the Members of the New York State Assembly to put the rights of citizens first and reject the proposal to make the cities in New York State and the state itself sanctuary places.

The Conservative Party also believes that the rights of citizenship also extend to students who are college bound. Scholarships and financial aid should be limited to those who are citizens or who have come here legally.

The rule of law must be what guides government; not the dismissal of what has made this country and state the beacon to the underprivileged.

The legislative memo’s follows:

In Opposition to:

A. 3049- B – Moya (On Assembly Committee Agenda)

Purpose: An Act to amend the executive law and the judiciary law, in relation to access to services, law enforcement and counsel in certain immigration related matters; and to amend the judiciary law, in relation to compensation of legal counsel for certain matters.

Party Position: The New York State Conservative Party is a strong supporter of the fact that states have the right to pass laws unique to their needs that are not defined in the United States Constitution. However, this proposal, albeit that it states in its justification that it complies with federal law, seeks to ensure that people are not unnecessarily questioned about immigration status, establish that state or local law enforcement agencies shall not stop, question, investigate or arrest a person based on perceived immigration status or suspected violation of federal immigration law; generally prohibit law enforcement agencies from inquiring about the immigration status of person contacting such agencies when in need of assistance, including victims and witnesses; require state and local agencies and their employees to maintain the confidentially of immigration status information, unless acting in accordance with 8 U.S.C. Section 1373, and other information absent valid immigration detainer or related request has been filed; curtail the use of state and local facilities for the purposes of federal immigration enforcement and establish a right to legal representation for person subject to removal or deportation proceedings.

In other words, it seeks to make New York State a sanctuary state, where those who have entered illegally will be afforded the privileges granted to its citizens.

Government’s primary role is to protect its citizens by upholding the rule of law. The fact that people have entered the United States and New York State by breaking the rule of law should not grant them the same rights that citizens have. This bill seeks to change this fundamental fact.

The New York State Conservative Party urges a NO vote on this bill.

LM 2017-003

In Opposition to:

A 3039 – Moya (On Assembly Agenda) S. 471-A – Peralta

Purpose: This bill seeks to advance the educational opportunities to the children of immigrants by providing scholarships to college bound students. The bill also eliminates potential financial obstacles to obtaining State financial aid and extend the opportunities for certain immigrant students to attend higher education institutions in this state; providing a benefit consistent with U. S. citizens and nationals. It also seeks to eliminate barriers for immigrant aliens to save for their families by allowing such individuals to open a NYS 529 family tuition account.

Party Position: America’s uniqueness is treating law-abiding citizens equally, however, as the purpose of this bill clearly states, it seeks to “provide a benefit consistent with U. S. citizens and nationals.” It seeks to give students who are not U. S. citizens and nationals scholarships and financial aid who are in our country without following the procedures required to enter America and start a path to citizenship.

By providing scholarships and financial aid to certain immigrant students, our own citizens, who also struggle financially, may be denied their dreams of attending college, thereby undermining the very essence of everything America stands for.

We are a nation of immigrants, we are proud of that fact, and of the privilege’s we provide our citizens both born here and naturalized. We cannot demoralize the hopes and dreams of those who follow our immigration laws and start providing scholarships and financial aid to students who are in our country illegally, albeit through no fault of their own.

Citizenship has its privileges. We understand the necessity of education, however, providing scholarships and financial aid is an opportunity that must be reserved to those who live by our laws.

The Conservative Party of New York State urges the Members of the Legislature to abide by our U. S. Constitution, an oath freely taken, and reject this bill.

LM 2017-004