Daily Update

Despite the left’s continued hysteria regarding President Trump’s temporary banning of people from 7 countries, Rasmussen is reporting that most likely voters still favor the refugee freeze.   Obviously, those who remain hysterical are not students of history and have no recollection of Winston Churchill’s “iron curtain” speech, that was received much the same as Trump’s ban originally, yet became a turning point in the 20th Century.   

Seth McLaughlin opines in the Washington Times that mob rules drive Democrats: Leaderless party revolves around fight against Trump

Donald Devine, senior scholar at the Fund for American Studies, opines in the Imaginative Conservative on How Should Conservatives Respond to President Trump’s Nationalism?  He also speculates in the American Spectator on if there will be an effect due to the 90 day hiring freeze. 

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) writes about voter fraud in this article.  Hans von Spakovsky now manages the Election Law Reform Initiative at the Heritage Foundation and he  told WND and Radio America a thorough federal investigation into voting laws is clearly warranted.

Neil Gorsuch Could Rule on These 3 Big Cases If He Joins Supreme Court Soon

Bill Hammond, writes in the NY Torch, that Governor Cuomo’s executive budget calls for aggressive action to slow rising drug prices; while it may “sound” good, it relies on heavy-handed state regulation of drug prices – raises doubts as to its fairness, effectiveness, workability, and even legality.  Read more here

Tim Hoefer, also writing in the NY Torch, says this, “Taxpayers beware: the annual push to water down New York’s property tax cap is underway in the state Legislature.”  Read the rest of his article here

Need a check list for change:  The Empire Center provides it here.  Why not send your state legislator a copy of what the Empire Center recommends.  If your state legislator gets enough copies, maybe, just maybe they will read it and implement some solutions.

Of course, our Legislative Program is another good read for your legislators.  Send them a copy of our program also to let them know there are numerous ways to stop the hemorrhaging of people and jobs as they escape from the high taxes and numerous regulations stifling economic growth. 

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