Daily Update

Former President Obama promised to continue to oppose Voter-ID laws in private life insisting that the US was the only country that makes it difficult to vote.  WRONG!  Read John Fund’s article in National Review on-line here.  Even in Obama’s last hours as President, he chose to defy Congress by quietly sending $221M to the Palestinians. 

Fortunately, Senator Schumer was prevented from stopping the confirmation of Mike Pompeo as CIA Chief.  Senator Schumer is showing his very thin skin…too bad he doesn’t realize that it wasn’t the words in his speech that was being booed, it was the words prior to the speech — the obstruction he was calling for to slow down President Trump’s nominees.  BIG mistake made by Sen. Schumer; bet he wishes he didn’t ask Sen. Cotton where he was 8 years ago…

Demonstrators showed a disgusting display of who they truly are: violent anarchists who are enemies of America.  Two Gold Star family members were accosted by these anarchists while attempting to attend the Military Inaugural Ball to honor our military and best friends, Brendan Looney and Travis Manion who both made the ultimate sacrifice.   Rest in Peace Brendan and Travis, we will be forever in your debt.   Some despicable demonstrators actually have the gall to ask for bail money. 

Should “spontaneous” be spelled “Soros”?  When it comes to women marching, perhaps that is the only way to spell it

More good news from the new administration here

Wow, it really does not look as if the democrats have learned why they lost the 2016 elections. More importantly, with these people running for DNC Chair, they are guaranteeing they will continue to lose elections. 

Will we have a Supreme Court Justice nominee this week?  Possibly, according to President Trump

Little known facts about Roe v. Wade.  Bill Hammond writes how Gov. Cuomo overreaches on reproductive health. 

Governor Cuomo’s budget is filled with taxes and fees he isn’t telling you about.  Does Governor Cuomo have the ability to print money now,,,or does he not care about driving more people out of New York State.

Dennis Vacco appeared on the Fred Dicker show this morning, you can listen here, however, if you attend our 50th Annual CPPAC beginning on Sunday, you will be able to hear him in person and ask questions.  Register now….click here for the rest of the agenda

Is Dennis Prager right, are we currently in a 2nd Civil War?