Daily Update

The Trump Administration began with keeping a promise made to his supporters.  On Friday, President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order to begin the repeal and replacement of Obamacare and create a system to help Americans have reasonably priced health insurance.  He will need his nominees to head federal agencies and so far, the Democrats who bitterly complained about republican obstruction, appear to be obstructing without just cause

The Daily Signal provides the full transcript of President Trump’s Inaugural address here.   And Gary North writes that Trump’s Inaugural address was like no other in history

Here is the link to the new White House website.   The Hill writes about what President Trump has done today.  Happy to report that one of his first actions included cutting off federal funding for foreign organizations that provide abortions.

President Trump is focused on cutting spending and Governor Andrew Cuomo is focused on spending more; including expanding abortion coverage.  Governor Cuomo is obviously unaware of United Van Lines latest release on annual movers.  His budget proposals practically push New Yorkers’ out of New York State, it extends the film and TV tax credit for three yearsmaintains the wasteful Start-UP NY with a new name, free college hailed by the Socialist Alternativeextends the millionaires tax, but Speaker Heastie says an even higher rate is needed.    Apparently, United Van Lines will be busy in New York next year, if Governor Cuomo’s spending spree is passed by the legislature.

Former AG Dennis Vacco is on a crusade we strongly agree with.  We sincerely hope that you will attending our 50th Annual Conference, to learn how you can help end the medical aid in dying proposal. 

File this under:  So much for tolerance

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