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History will prove that President Obama did more for his left-wing agenda than he did for America’s citizens.  How sad, that a extremely charismatic, well-spoken, smart manput his own ego before the good of our nation.  Read this, this , this and this if you don’t agree, and these articlesare just some of what he has done in the last few days.   Add to this the unconscionable pardon of Oscar Lopez-Rivera, the almost-closed GITMO and one understands that the safety of our Nation has been on the back burner.  Noon Friday cannot come soon enough. 

Today’s NY Post editorial by Michael Rubin reflects, I believe, what most Americans think of Obama’s misguided commutation of Manning.  Here is Obama’s weak defense of his action to commute Manning’s sentence. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s budget is HUGE at $152.3 billion.  He proposes another increase in school aid.    Free college tuition, and while this headline says “tax relief” extending the millionaires tax is not tax relief.  But there is one iota of good news:  RIP Start-Up NY and reigning in some pork.

Maybe Gov. Cuomo should have his campaign pay for a few of the smaller items he is wishing for.  (Ethics requirements not with standing.)

The Conservative Party petition to rename the Tappan Zee Bridge the BROWN PAIGE O’GRADY Bridge is off to a good start with some good coverage in the New York Post and New York Daily News.  Please be sure to sign or petition and have others sign as well; New Yorkers understand how important it is to honor heroes.  Together we can get this done.

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