Daily Update

John Fund opines online for National Review about Sen. Cory Booker in this article.   Vik Khanna, also writing for National Review writes about the phony “public-health crisis” of gun violence

Lawmakers have questions ahead of Gov. Cuomo’s budget reveal, as they should.  The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) points out that Governor’s move toward liberal leadership position clashes with push for fiscal restraint and tax cuts especially with the coming expiration of the millionaire’s tax.  He renewed it once already (in 2011) after initially saying he would let it die.  Pete DeMola writes that the Governor’s green visions score high marks from local environmental groups and points out that Governor Cuomo has an ambitious wish list even when the state is projected to have $3.5 billion spending gap declining personal income and sales tax receipts alongside the possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

The Daily Signal lets us know what will happen to consumers after Obamacare is repealed and gives us one example as to why repeal is so necessary.  The Daily Signal also shows how Obamacare’s 20 million number is so fake. 

Nicole Gelinas opines in today’s NY Post on how the poor pay the price for subway-worker benefits

Pew Poll shows that the ‘Ferguson effect’ is all too real. 

Dave Boyer writes in the Washington Times that under Obama, U.S. lost influence on world stage as relations with allies frayed.

Robert Knight opines on restoring justice.

With all due respect to Congressman Lewis, his memory seems to be failing…or did he just want to raise funds? 

Thank you, Dennis Prager….A Guide to Basic Differences Between Left and Right.