Daily Update

Reuters’ headline says it all, “New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stakes out progressive agenda.”   Stung by Zypher Teachout in the 2014 democratic primary, Governor Cuomo has shed the wolf’s clothing he wore to appeal to hard working taxpayers in New York State in 2010 when he promised to cap state spending, have a smaller government and bring jobs to New York State.  The only portions of Andrew Cuomo’s promises in 2010 are the ones made on social issues.  The proposals Gov. Cuomo is calling for in his 6 meet the people (that he wants) state of the state events increase state spending while increasing the size of government (one small example) and pushing jobs out of New YorkFree college is on his list of giveaways and so is this,  Governor Cuomo’s ill-conceived — progressive must have — proposals is early voting, automatic and same-day voter registration. .  Don’t you really want a person who has not taken the time to examine the issues and where the candidates stand to be casting a last minute vote?   Progressives/Liberals have their agenda, we, the taxpayers must be vigil to not let them achieve it. 

ICYMI:  Why Medicare isn’t actually going bankrupt appeared in the NY Post last week.  Another great article by former Lt. Governor Betsy McCaughey who will also be speaking at our 50th Annual CPPAC on Sunday, January 29 and Monday, January 30.  We hope you are planning on joining us at the Radisson Hotel in Albany, NY so you are prepared for the upcoming year.  Today is the last day for our special rate of $119 at the Radisson, be sure to make your reservations before you forget.  Then fill out our registration form for CPPAC and get it back to us as soon as possible. 

Walter A. McDougall writes about the Art of the Doge.  And Daniel Oliver opines on Donald J. Trump in this article: For Conservatives, Donald Trump Shifts The Window Of What’s Possible.

The Democrats’ new war. 

A gentleman and true American hero will be retiring from Congress in 2018.  Congressman Sam Johnson spoke a few years back at the Party’s annual dinner and touched every person who was privileged to hear him.  

Sen. Schumer and VP Biden have a difference of opinion.