Weekly Wrap-Up

President Obama has started the new year by bragging about all his fake accomplishments. What stands out to me are Obama’s countless failures as President. 

What do you think will go down as President Obama’s biggest policy failure? This is the first question in our first Weekly Poll of 2017, and I hope you will cast your vote today. And unfortunately, there are plenty to choose from, unfortunately – from Obamacare and overregulation to Israel and Aleppo.

I believe brighter days are ahead for our nation.  Investors Business Daily has a 2017 wish list that includes everything from a new Supreme Court justice to repealing Obamacare – all very real possibilities now.  

What is your biggest wish from the Trump Administration for 2017? That’s the second question from our new Weekly Poll, and I’m looking forward to everyone’s answers.

One 2017 Wish List item is to “drain the swamp” and fix Washington. What does this phrase mean to you – term limits? Tougher ethics rules? An end to Obama-style “midnight regulations” that empower Washington bureaucrats? Abolishing corporate welfare?  Make your pick today in this third and final question in our new Weekly Poll.

Between the GOP’s ill-advised ethics gambit this week and new stories of possible corruption in Washington (including one featuring New York’s very own Rep. Carolyn Maloney), it is clear that we as citizens are going to have to keep a close eye on the federal government this year.  

Thank you for helping the Conservative Party do just that – and have a great weekend!