Daily Update

The Heritage Foundation gives President-elect Trump ways to end sanctuary cities. 

Thanks to Hans von Spakovsky we have learned that the head of DOJ’s Civil Rights Division Is violating federal law and her actions may be void.  The Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, did not advise President Obama of his oversight in not officially nominating Vanita Gupta for the position.  Maybe she was too busy talking to former president Bill Clinton to notice that the head of the Civil Rights Division was not legally appointed or perhaps no one cared as long as their bidding was being done. 

Will Congressional earmarks return

Monica Crowley opines in the Washington Times on Donald Trump and the real black swan event.

The end may really be near for Obamacare.  

It’s Time to Stop Spending Taxpayer Dollars on Elon Musk and Cronyism

Now They Tell Us: Trump’s Economic Plan Will Boost Growth

Trump team announces tough lobbying ban

Good News:  A $900 Billion Oil Treasure Lies Beneath West Texas Desert

Religious liberty sees a small ray of hope in Oregon

The ‘Rubio Effect:’ Conservative Victory Among a Diversifying Electorate

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