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  The most important election of our lives takes place tomorrow.  If Hillary Clinton is elected, the rule of law (the principle that all people and institutions are subject to and accountable to law that is fairly applied and enforced) will be forever gone…the very essence of America will be destroyed by the people who give her the honor of being the leader of the free world.   Has America made mistakes, yes, but electing a person with a trail of ignoring laws and exploiting situations will give that person Carte Blanche to continue to do as they please with no fear of being curtailed or indicted

This is what Hillary wants.  This is part of what Hillary does and would continue.  

This is also what she will continue

This is Hillary’s closest confidant. 

This is how Hillary will tank our economy

Those faulty Watergate comparisons.  Hillary Clinton’s high crimes put those of Richard Nixon in the deep shade. 

This is what President Obama has given us

There is hope…Americans have always been for fair play and against cheaters.

Donald Trump offers a way to stop the corruption that has occurred and that may continue because it can with friends in high places.  The NY Sun opines on Donald Trump’s Optimism

Donald Trump’s Argument for America.

Donald Trump’s Op-Ed in USA Today:  Why you should vote for me. 

Trump Lead Widens To 2, His Biggest Yet, Despite ‘November Surprise’: IBD/TIPP Poll

According to Governor Cuomo, I am a “rabid Conservative” albeit I am not in Washington, DC.  I do want to impede the functions of government, especially when government does things like Start-Up NY and other equally costly programs. $10 million could educate a lot of children.   For all government’s talk about an equal playing field, why does government insist on playing favorites?  Could it possibly be “Pay-to-Play”?

Comptroller DiNapoli makes a valid point regarding the states budget as the NY Post points out. 

Even the press in Spain look to Chairman Long for input.  Scroll down for Chairman Long’s section

Kudos to the Kansas City Chiefs

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