Weekly Wrap-Up

No matter who wins the election on Tuesday, the first thing I will do is say a prayer for our nation and our new President. I’m sure all Conservative Party backers will do the same. 

But then what? Do you have a plan – serious or tongue-in-cheek – for the aftermath of a Hillary victory? And what will be on your mind if (as I hope) Donald Trump takes the White House? 

Those are the two questions for our new Weekly Poll. I’m sure you can have some fun with both of these questions. 

“It’s not just that the Clintons will bend every rule and try to destroy anyone who gets in their way, they will enlist everyone on their side to do the same,” Rich Lowry writes in the New York Post, surveying the left’s new smear campaign against FBI chief James Comey. “This is how a Clinton administration will work. Consider yourself warned — again.”

It seems like more and more Republicans are finally getting the message – that we MUST elect Donald Trump and defeat Hillary. 

And all of Hillary’s latest controversies might be a tipping point for undecided voters. 

As Investor’s Business Daily notes, Hillary’s deceitful stonewalling strategy is backfiring in a big way. 

Endless scandal is a given if Hillary wins – she even lies about lying about her lies

And it’s clearer than ever that America is not safe as long as Hillary has access to classified info.  The FBI has found Hillary emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, and they’re NOT duplicates from the previous investigation. Plus, her private server was breached by up to seven different forces. 

Investor’s Business Daily has a clearinghouse of info on the Clinton email scandals, as well as all the Clinton Foundation wrongdoing.

Have a great weekend!