Daily Update

Charles Hurt writes a compelling article in the Washington Times.. “The depth of her dishonesty and the breadth of her corruption is unmatched in history.”  Read the rest here.  

Hillary’s words are so empty…remember when she quoted Michele Obama’s “when they go low, we go high,” well, once again Hillary proves that she will say or do what ever she can to become the first woman president.  Clinton goes negative in campaign’s final week

Emails show Clinton campaign coordinated with State Dept. official before email revelation

The latest Wikileaks released

Why Bill’s pardons are a real problem for Hillary.  

Monica Crowley opines in the Washington times that it is time for America to get her groove back. 

IBD/TIPP poll still tied

Donald Trump’s Optimism. 

The Daily Signal writes about the 7 Times Democrats Admitted the Truth About Obamacare.

The Post’s picks for the House of Representatives.  Send a message:  Vote for all of them on the Conservative Line. 

More bad news for New Yorkers:  NY’s health premiums rising fastest