Daily Update

Hillary’s 33,000 emails might not be ‘missing’ after all.  As youread Paul Sperry’s column, you will undoubtedly be dismayed as to how political the once respected FBI has become under its director, James Comey.   Then it hits you, the FBI isn’t the only federal agency that has lost their direction under the Obama Administration.  If anyone thinks Hillary Clinton will make things better they are ln Never-Never Land and have learned absolute nothing in history class nor did they understand Hunger Games.

Michael Goodwin opines in today’s NY Post that Richard Nixon could only wish he got Hillary’s FBI treatment. 

Why Donald J. Trump is still the safer choice.

Election 2016? Who Will They Bring with Them in to Power

The worst of ObamaCare is yet to come

What did Obama know about Hillary’s private email server

The spin machine never stops:  Obama ‘factual’ about ignorance of Clinton’s email server: White House; Project Veritas video comes back to haunt Clinton camp’s Robby Mook —  Video 3 is here.

Will Google and YouTube do to the Internet what the Left has done to our universities?

California’s National Guard on not “off-the-hook” yet for bonuses yet despite what the headlines are saying.  Obama Admin Targets Soldiers’ Bonuses, Lets Bad VA Employees Keep Theirs. 

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