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President Obama says the problems with Obamacare are like new products that need to work out their bugs.  Mr. President, people do not need smartphones that work out their bugs, but they certainly do need healthcareYou lied to the American people when you pushed for its passage and you are lying to the American people again as you try to save it

9 Controversies Obama Didn’t Mention When He Denied Any ‘Major Scandals’

Obama to Fundraise for Hillary With CEO Facing $127 Million Wage-Theft Suit.  (Just another example of “do what I say, not as I do.”)

What a difference 8 years make. 

Don’t you wish you could collect a $160,000 pension for watching your grandchildren

Hillary Clinton is Wrong: OBGYN Says Abortion is Never Necessary to Save the Life of the Mother. 

In case you still do not believe the main stream media is in the Clinton’s pocket, read this.  Maybe that is why most of the main stream media are not covering articles like thisOr this oneOne more.  If, and it remains a big IF, Hillary survives and becomes the most corrupt president ever elected, she will have to face this.  

Here is another reason to make sure Hillary is not elected.  Imagine what will happen when Antonio Guterres, a socialist whom President Barack Obama called a man of “character, vision, and skills” become UN Secretary-General in January.  We will need a strong leader, not one who is looking to take in more refugees. 

Hillary Clinton and the High Court

Dirty Tricks: Then and Now

What Explains The Wide Range Of Poll Results Between IBD/TIPP And Others

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell who gives us two great articles today.  Turnout Time and Immigration Controversies