Weekly Wrap-Up

Hillary has some chutzpah ripping Donald Trump for raising the alarm about voter fraud – she has a history of questioning elections that didn’t go her way. 

But that’s just the Obama/Clinton Banana Republic in all its corruption and dishonest – and if we let Hillary win, we’ll have more of the same. 

Imagine Hillary in charge of the IRS, or unhindered as she imposes the billionaire left’s radical vision of open borders. Remember Hillary’s corruption, and think how bad it will be if she is in the White House serving as judge and jury for her own wrongdoings. 

Consider how the President refuses to face the truth about Obamacare, and then remind yourself that Hillary already can’t be honest about her economic plan

Under Obama the only aggression against America that warrants a serious response is when the Democratic Party and liberal campaigns are threatened – where America cowers before terrorist nations holding our citizens hostage, and pays them off rather than stand up to them. Under Hillary we’ll have more of the same – our terrorist enemies will be given weapons, while law-abiding Americans will have their right to self-defense taken away.

There are countless reasons to vote for Donald Trump – what do you think is the BEST reason? You have many choices in the first question of our new Weekly Poll, and I hope you’ll weigh in today. 

This week’s second poll question is a different twist on the elections – what to you is the BIGGEST reason to vote AGAINST Hillary? I’m very interested to see people’s responses to this one. 

And for the final poll question this week: What will you be doing over the next three weeks to help elect Donald Trump and defeat Hillary Clinton? 

Finally, having attended the Al Smith Dinner last night, I find myself in the peculiar position of agreeing with ultra-liberal Geraldo Rivera – Big Media’s prejudice against Trump and his supporters was laid bare.  

Overall it was a wonderful night, and I hope you have a great weekend!