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The MOST important election in our lifetime

How soon the main stream media forgets facts.  Fortunately for us, there are other ways to get our news now.  The Federalist reminds us of 8 times liberals claimed an election was rigged or stolen.  Powerline has another reminder, one that we all remember, Even Hillary, albeit she does have recall problems.

Reality of voter fraud = risk to valid election.

Hillary Rails Against Dark Money And Super PACs During Debate, Took In Millions.

Hillary’s Whopper Of The Debate Is A Familiar Tune From Dems. 

Three Questions Hillary Refused To Answer In The Debate.

‘Protect Toddlers From Guns’ — Hillary Goes On Nonsensical Gun Control Tear At Debate.

Loretta Lynch promises elections will be free of vote-tampering.  Sorry, AG Lynch, we do not find these words comforting, in fact, we find them unnerving.  We remember your meeting with Bill Clinton, we also remember how the IRS targeted certain individuals and groups and nothing has taken place to change the targeting.  We also remember Eric Holder saying there was no intimidation in Philadelphia.  We are also aware that John Podesta believes a driver’s license is all you need to vote.  Twelve states and the District of Columbia had out driver’s licenses to undocumented aliens.  AG Lynch:  your reassurance is meaningless.

The one thing Donald Trump said that was the most important of the presidential race.   

Mark Steyn penned this prior to the debate, but it is still a great read.  Laws are for the Little People

Obamacare Is Experiencing Multi-Organ Failure.  Guy Benson has more on the failure of Obamacare

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