Daily Update

Chris Cillizza writing in the Washington Post is right about this Hillary Clinton’s email problems just came roaring back.  The NY Post editorial calls the latest revelations the State Department’s “shadow government.”   

The FBI’s Own Investigation Summary Proves Hillary Clinton Broke The Law

Will Hillary stop or enhance this?  (It is a rhetorical question.)   Watch this special report by KUSI in San Deigo before you cast your vote. 

Politics has always been a rough and tumble exercise, the the Clinton team has made it bareknuckle and acrimonious.  Project Veritas has the proof. This has been updated at Townhall.com by Guy Benson. We all know that Hillary and Bill’s campaign strategy was always attack, attack, attack

In 3 Years, His Insurance Premiums Double as Options Decline Under Obamacare

One vote matters. How a President’s Bad Judicial Appointments Threaten Your Liberty

Cuban Dictatorship Governed More Severely During 2 Years of US Engagement

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell:  The Left and the MassesThe Left and the Masses Part II;  The Left and the Masses, Part III