Weekly Wrap-Up

As this election becomes a referendum on political correctness, I am becoming more and more concerned about the left’s determination to crack down on dissenting views and differing opinions. 

The biggest example this week: Dennis Prager’s “PragerU” videos have been censored by YouTube – “protecting” America from such dangerous topics as “Why Did America Fight the Korean War?” and “Islamic Terror: What Muslim Americans Can Do.” 

Investigative reporter James O’Keefe was a target of the social media thought police this week as he was suspended from Twitter after releasing damaging footage of Hillary Clinton supporters promising sweeping new gun control measures. 

This follows an instance earlier in the year in which Twitter shut down a petition campaign against gun control focused on California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsome, who happens to be a friend of Twitter’s bosses. 

The liberals start their censorship early: Consider this story of a Nebraska high school that concocted phony reasons to silence a pro-life student club. 

And this week, thanks to Juanita Broaddrick, we’re reminded of the many times the “mainstream” media has selectively edited interviews and news reports to protect liberals (and especially the Clintons).

Of course President Obama has jumped into the fray. Decrying the Internet as a new type of the “wild, wild West” – i.e., a place that liberals’ don’t completely control yet – Obama says he doesn’t want censorship but rather a “curating function”… a phrase only a hardened liberal could concoct.  

We’re seeing how this type of government control is stifling even the most lighthearted criticism in China. And these comments come just as President Obama is handing over control of the Internet to authoritarian regimes. 

I want to know what you think about all of this: How concerned are you about the left’s silencing of conservative ideas? Which left-wing institutions do you believe are the WORST about oppressing conservative views? What topic do you believe the left is MOST likely to censor in the coming year?

Those are the three questions in our new Weekly Poll – we welcome all views and vigorous debate, so I hope you’ll give your opinions now. 

In other news this week: Newly revealed information this week shows us the Clinton Cronyism at work – whether they’re handing out ambassadorships to repay “political debts” or backing expensive bills at the beck and call of liberal lobbyists.

Hillary’s hypocrisy was revealed for all to see this week, as leaked documents showed her discussing the need for “public stands” vs. “private stands” on controversial issues. 

And the left’s hypocrisy continues on the $15-an-hour minimum wage, which they publicly celebrate while privately conceding it could be a disaster (a disaster we’re seeing unfold before our very eyes here in New York). 

Have a great weekend!