Daily Update

It was refreshing to hear a democrat say that Mayor deBlasio’s municipal ID program is contributing to “all kinds of fraud” — including at the polls.  When he was reached Monday night about the undercover video, he only walked it back slightly by saying, “I should have said ‘potential fraud’ instead of fraud.”  The Daily Signal has a related article on When Zombies, Aliens, and Felons Steal Our Votes

Governor Andrew Cuomo is quick to decry republicans, but only sadden and disappointed when it is his own party or staff member who has a serious problem failing to mention them by name, especially when he was described as his father’s third son

Heather MacDonald has some thoughts on the latest Trumped-Up Outrage

Dennis Prager opines on the latest left-wing hysteria. 

The left is doing all it can to destroy Trump feigning articles that Trump is acting like a dictator when he quipped that Hillary would be in jail during the debate.  The Federalist reminds us of 16 times the democrats really tried to prosecute their opponents.

Clinton Email Scandal: Hillary’s Hypocrisy And Media’s Bias Revealed.  

Hillary Clinton made it perfectly clear — she will seek an activist Supreme Court that would gut the 1st and 2nd Amendments.  Here is what Guy Benson has to say on this topic

Clinton Campaign, White House Coordinated Pro-Iran Deal Talking Points.  Obama breaks another promise to “save” the Iran deal.  Lawlessness from above. 

Hillary Rodham Clinton: What Every American Should Know

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell.  A must read for anyone on the fence this election season.