Daily Update

Last night was the only VP Debate, but prior to the debate, Chairman Long was on Inside City Hall with Bill Lipton of the Working Families Party. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

Analysis: Mike Pence Handily Wins Vice Presidential Debate.  Investor’s Business Daily gave Donald J. Trump the win in last night’s debate. 

JP Carroll writes about This Pro-Trump Republican Woman Wants To Replace NY Sen. Chuck Schumer

The IRS is at it again:  subjects tea party groups to new round of scrutiny, publicizes tax return data.   Veterans are still dying in troubled Phoenix, AZ VA hospital.    This Administration should hang their collective heads in shame.  The pathetic reality is that if Hillary is elected — NOTHING WILL CHANGE for the better, but the nefarious path Hillary is on will make things even more grim.   She will be beholden to the same bureaucratic minions that help elect this ignoble woman who craves the power of the US presidency.   On the campaign trail, Hillary makes it quite clear that the only thing that really matters to her is to be president;   to get there she needs President Obama and his core of supporters to make her aspiration an actuality.    

The NY Post editorial opines on how the FBI wound up destroying evidence.  Another agency almost destroyed by the Clinton machine.  More on this in today’s Townhall.com

Betsy McCaughey writes that Ceding Control of Internet Puts the Global Debate Under Threat of Censors

Another subpoena served on Mayor deBlasio according to the NY Times.

The Washington Times writes about the steep cost of Common Core

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams