Daily Update

Julian Assange is a attention seeking fugitive who will play the press to seem important.  The big news today is not from Assange, but rather the release of the book, Guilty as Sin, by Edward Klein.  Mr. Klein was on Fox and Friends this morning talking about his bombshell book. 

Hillary is trying to ridicule Donald J. Trump for doing what she and Bill did on their taxes

The Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial takes Hillary to task.  Well worth reading. 

The Daily Signal opines on Hillary’s Estate Tax plan…many families would be affected, not only the super rich. 

Meanwhile Bill Clinton is out on the campaign trail bashing that “crazy system” aka Obamacare.  Matt Vespa opines on why Bill Clinton may be calling Obamacare a “crazy system”.   Seems like all of this is leading to the possibility of Universal Health Care, what Hillary (and Bill) wanted all along.  The NY Times seems to be laying the ground work also when it says ailing Obamacare may not survive

FBI Director James Comey,s jarring remarks to Congress last week “We are not weasels“.    (Interesting remark in light of Edward Klein’s new book.)

Judge won’t release Clinton draft indictments: Privacy outweighs public debate.  Secret draft grand jury indictments prepared to charge Hillary Clinton with crimes in the 1990s cannot be released because they would infringe on the Democratic presidential nominee’s privacy rights, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.  (If he judge is appointed by a republican –he was — can Hillary still say the vast right-wing majority is out to get her?  Or will she acknowledge they follow the rule of law…)

Wait…there is another Clinton Foundation??

Military veteran defends Donald Trump, blasts media for twisting PTSD comments

Debate night — the Vice Presidential candidates debate tonight.  Michael Pence  and Tim Kaine

The Wall Street Journal opines on The Schneiderman Rules America’s worst Attorney General abuses his office to aid Clinton.  (Subscription required.)

We posted this on our smartphone APP earlier:  Taxpayer-funded jobs for de Blasio’s campaign hacks.  Go to your APP store and download our free APP. 

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell