Daily Update

Chairman Long speaks out against “Safe Sites” here

Chairman Long will appear on NY 1– Inside City Hall — tomorrow at 7:00 PM. Set your DVR to record it tonight. 

Kudos to the US Supreme Court today...they shot down the administration’s effort to kick-start President Obama’s deportation amnesty, refusing Monday to grant a rehearing in a case the court deadlocked on just a few months ago.

Sobering news from the ReaganCoalition,com

One Mayor; 264 Special Assistants.  Cost to taxpayers:  $18.7 million.  Why are they “needed”?  It’s usually given to one of our political guys as a way to bring them on board in the administration without any problems — whether or not they have the job requirements,” a de Blasio administration source admitted.  Your tax dollars hard at work; when will the shenanigans end?

The NY Post editorial on Sunday called out Andrew Cuomo’s too-belated cleanup.  Today’s NY Post editorial continues pointing out Andrew Cuomo’s problems with the “corruption infested” Buffalo Billion’s project

Stephen Moore opines on how Hillary plays the class warfare card. 

The CATO Institute has this to say:  Notwithstanding a New Rhetorical Strategy from Statists, Higher Taxes and Bigger Government Is Not a Recipe for Growth and Development

Think about this for a moment — do we really want more of this in the White House

Monday’s with Robert Knight