Weekly Wrap-Up

In case there was any doubt, the first presidential debate proved without fail that the biased news media isn’t even trying to be objective in its coverage of Donald Trump. This Investor’s Business Daily headline puts it bluntly: “The News Media Are Partisan Hacks.”

What do you think is the most blatant way that the media shows its liberal bias in presidential debates?  That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll. This is something I’ve heard a lot of people talking about this week, so I’m interested to see what you have to say. 

For the second Poll question, I’ve pulled some of Donald Trump’s best quotes from the first debate. Which one is your favorite? There are some good ones to choose from.

The next presidential debate is Sunday, October 9 – and it is almost inevitable that more bias will be on display. What issue do you think should get the MOST attention during “round two” of the presidential debates? That’s the third and final Poll question this week.  

The next debate will supposedly be based in part on questions submitted by voters – here is how you can try to get your questions in the mix, and vote on the ones you want to see included.

If you think Hillary’s corruption should be a prime topic, there is plenty to talk about

In other news, Obamacare is still a disaster, which may be the left’s plan anyway since liberals are obsessed with forcing us all into a single-payer health care system. Meanwhile the lawless Obama Administration is planning a backdoor bailout for insurance companies. 

Have a great weekend!