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The debate is over and the winner is…it really depends on the person watching.  According to the vast number of articles on the debate written by the left leaning media many say a tie.  However, this is part of what I’ve see on the Internet.  Michael Goodwin’s column:  Trump deserves to be taken seriously after surviving round one;  Byron York opines on Donald Trump’s missed opportunities;   Eric Fehrnstrom, writing in the Boston Globe says this:  Hillary Clinton not good enough to stop her slide;  Michael F. Haverluck writes in One New Now:  Trump holds back but gets Hillary backpedaling in round 1;  The NY Post editorial states:  Clinton, Trump round one a draw — and that’s bad news for Hillary

Perhaps the most telling reaction is from the people who watched the debate in the Tin Lizzy, a small bar in Derry. PA.  Another telling response is this article in the Daily Mail on the snap polls.  The Drudge Report’s snap poll is now at 926, 644 with Mr. Trump at 82%.  Guy Benson writing in Townhall.com slams the snap polls in his column.  The reality is that the only “poll” that is accurate will be the one on November 8, 2016

The Hill is reporting over 80 million viewers.  It was anticipated that over 100,000 would watch. 

David French reminds us that Unmoored from the Facts, Leftist Police Reform Would Raise Crime Rates.  Investors Business Daily opines on the fact that the Violent Crime Surge Is Tragic Proof ‘Ferguson Effect’ Is Real.  Rich Lowry writes that the Charlotte rioters don’t care if shooting was justified

The NY Post editorial points out the the City Council’s “green” scheme is anti-environmental.

Amnesia is so prevalent lately.   

One would think that after praising and signing the recently passed ethics reform bill — and previous ethics reform bill — that Governor Cuomo would not be calling for additional reforms — still no mention of TERM LIMITS — to curb the corruption Preet Bharara keeps uncovering.  Governor Cuomo thinks the Legislature needs more reforms, totally ignoring the fact that the latest case was in the Executive Branch. 

Here is the link that was missing yesterday for West Point Prayer Under Attack. 

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