Daily Update

Nicole Gelinas’ excellent column in today’s NY Post is a reminder that government just cannot do what private industry does best.  Think about that fact when voting in November for president.  Do you want a businessman who knows how to get things done or a career politician who tells you government can do it better.  Obamacare anyone?

Here are a few other things you should consider this when you vote:  Fresh proof the FBI’s Hillary email probe was a joke; The Immunized Five: Meet The People Covering For Hillary Hillary Cannot Be Trusted to Win the War Against TerroristsObama used a pseudonym in emails with Clinton, FBI documents reveal57% of Clinton Charitable Giving in 2015 Went to the Clinton FoundationTHE DEPRAVED FRAUD OF THE CLINTON FOUNDATION.

The American Thinker gives us a thorough review of Dr. Lisa Bardack’s Faustian Bargain and makes a very interesting read on the doctor who is Hillary’s personal physician. 

The Washington Post carried this article over the weekend:  Trump is headed for a win, says professor who has predicted 30 years of presidential outcomes correctly.  (I wonder how many Tums were taken by their readers?)

Eli Lake had this column in the NY Post:  The Pentagon is furious at Obama over the Iran ransom payment.  Imagine what a third Obama term would be like with Hillary at the helm. 

Then on the state level we still have a major corruption problem in Albany.  The Syracuse Standard opines that Cuomo cedes the high ground in fight against NY corruption

Bob McManus opines in the City Journal that Preet drops the other hammer.

And then there is this:  New York’s roads in deep rut, ranked 45th in nation.  Government wastes money and neglects the obligations it has. 

Meanwhile prayer is under attack again, this time at West Point.  Click here to sign Freedom Alliance’s petition to Superintendent Caslen.  

Sen. Orrin Hatch Slams Obama Admin’s New Report That Compares Religious Freedom to Slavery.

Rabbi Aryeh Spero opines in the Washington Timea about choosing Americanism over transnationalism. 

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