Weekly Wrap-Up

“I really do hope there is a trial in this case so New Yorkers can see, in gory detail, what their state government has been up to,” said U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara as he announced massive corruption charges against Andrew Cuomo’s top aides and allies

I couldn’t agree more – Cuomo’s SolarCity “monument to corruption” needs to be completely exposed for the rotten-to-the-core enterprise it is. Cuomo vowed to clean up Albany – but in reality, his cronies have made out like bandits

What do you think will be the end result of these charges – plea bargains, actual trials… or do you think Cuomo’s cronies will get off scot-free? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll. 

Cuomo himself hasn’t been charged, but he’d have to have his head in the sand or just be dangerously naïve to not know what his closest associates were up to. What’s your take – do you think Cuomo is ultimately responsible for all the corruption surrounding him in Albany? 
That’s the second question in our Weekly Poll. 

And finally, what do you think is the BEST way to start ridding Albany of this endless corruption?  Do we need a new Governor? Term limits? More investigations? Do you think Albany can police itself? Let me know in the third and final question of this week’s Poll. 

These are corrupt times we’re living in – here in New York and of course in Washington. 

We have a President who is dead set on exploiting our badly broken immigration system to bring in people who will be Democratic voters, not Americans, first. 

We have public officials who are too obsessed with political correctness (and hatred of Donald Trump) to take meaningful steps to keep people safe. 

We have a President too blinded by ideology to see the terrorist threats facing America.

And of course we have Hillary Clinton, who is embroiled in endless scandal.

I’m looking forward to seeing Donald Trump raise these issues in next week’s presidential debate. Here is a “cheat sheet” from Rich Lowry – and I’m sure next week’s poll questions will focus on each candidate’s performance and the overall impact of this showdown. 

Have a great weekend!