Daily Update

Democrats Have Set Themselves Up for Failure at the Debate, and They’re Panicking writes Rich Lowry. Will you watch “The Debates” beginning on Monday?  Here is a list of dates and times when they will be on. 

Victor Davis Hanson opines in National Review:  Never, Never Trump.  Supporters and especially detractors of Donald Trump…this is a must read. 

With all of the money being spent on the presidential campaign, democrats do not understand why their air war isn’t sinking Trump. 

Tammy Bruce writes in the Washington Times that The U.S. immigration system in chaos.  The Washington Times also informs us that Mass immigration costs govt (Taxpayers) . $296 billion a year, depresses wages according to the National Academy of Sciences.  The Daily Signal lets us know that Conservatives Aim to Block Obama’s (and Hillary’s)  Plan for More Refugees.    Charles Hurt reminds us of Hillary’s inability to truly fight terrorist.  Charles Krauthammer on the White House reluctance to call it terrorism. 

Hillary Clinton and Saul Alinsky

Piers Morgen understands the Trump phenomenon.  Joshua Mitchell writes in Politico how Donald Trump has ideas and we better pay attention to them. 

Number of those wrongly given citizenship higher than initially reported

Obamacare Imploding, Clinton Pushes For Complete Gov’t Take Over Of Health CareConservatives in Congress hope to stop Hillary. 

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen tries to save himself from being impeached. He should have been fired long ago!

Wendy Long Proposes Plans to Address Student Debt

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.