Daily Update

President Obama did not address the nation when NYC and New Jersey were bombed Saturday, nor did he say anything on Sunday, but had no trouble being in campaign mode.   It took him until Noon on Monday to acknowledge that “terrorist want to instill fear in American’s.”   The hard work of police and the watchful eye of a business owner made it possible to catch the suspect.  We now know that New York was notified of a possible attack prior to the actual bombing.

Leave it to Gov. Andrew Cuomo to defend President Obama’s silence.  (Less time for you in the spotlight, Andrew?)

Today we also learned that more than 800 illegal immigrants from countries of concern who were set for deportation were granted citizenship!!  Perhaps President Obama didn’t want to address the nation about the bombings knowing this.  Or maybe he was afraid that the Administration’s money laundering would be revealed on national television, how foolish of me to think that the main stream media would expose his rather foolhardy foibles.    I know this much, Ronald Reagan would have talked to American citizens as soon as possible to reassure us that he “had our back.”  Of course, with a Peace through Strength attitude, it wouldn’t have happened.  

Hugh Hewitt on the New Sunday mornings.

Wendy Long: Political Correctness is Killing Us

President Obama’s arrogant audacity actually led him to say this to the Congressional Black Caucus on Friday evening. To which I say — What have you done for the Black community, Mr. President, except make race relations worse, keep people in poverty, gave them “affordable” health care they can’t afford and have done NOTHING to bring the murder rate in Chicago down.   In all honesty, Mr. President, the Black community owe you nothing. 

Larry Kudlow’s take on Donald Trump’s economic platform.

In case you missed this over the weekend:  Inside the scramble to cover up Clinton’s private email server (If you have our App on your smart phone, you would have read it already.)

U.S. District Judge Richard Leon is not happy with the State Department’s slow walking Hillary’s emails.

Is Hillary getting nervous about keeping NYS in her column?  A third office was opened in Westchester. 

Schneiderman may be in legal trouble for keeping documents from congress

Monday’s with Robert Knight.