Weekly Wrap Up

Labor Day is here already which means two things; Summer is almost over and the citizens really start paying attention to the upcoming November Elections.  There are 68 days until we choose a new president and either continue the dismal Obama Administration or remember that our US Constitution is based on the fact that “We, the people…” control our government. 

This week our national debt reached $19.5 trillion dollars, in eight years, under Barack Obama, it has almost doubled.  Obama’s left-wing policies have created more debt in his eight years than the combined debt in the history of our nation.  Which of his policies have caused the most damage to hardworking Americans?  Let us know in his week’s poll questions.  Just as a reminder, the $19.5 trillion is only the federal debt, states and local debt add to the burden taxpayers shoulder. 

We learned this week how Bill and Hillary have used taxpayers money to support the Clinton Foundation.  Judicial Watch let us know that Huma Abedin was more than willing to help Doug Band — a Clinton Foundation executive — get DIPLOMATIC PASSPORTS through Clinton’s State Department

Hillary’s VP pick, Tim Kaine does not think sanctuary cities exist which shows just how out of touch Tim Kaine is. 

We also learned this week that the Obama Administration wants to nationalize our elections.  What could possibly go wrong with that idea — Obamacare is doing so well

Donald J. Trump had a very good week.  Charles Krauthammer thought Donald Trump dominated President Pena Nieto.   If you missed his speech on Immigration, you can read it here.  The editors at National Review called it “A Tough but Sensible Immigration Policy.”  Trump’s outreach to the minority vote is having positive results despite what the main stream media is reporting.  This brings me to our second and third poll questions, what do you think Mr. Trump has to work hardest on to win the White House and what should Trump focus on between now and November 8.

The Heritage Foundation explains that Harry Reid is all out to end Rule 22, the Senate rule that allows debates.  All the more reason to be certain that New York’s Charles Schumer never becomes the Senate Majority Leader. 

We have a special bonus question in this week’s poll — and I will personally deliver your response to Donald Trump at our September 7 reception that features Mr. Trump.  Be sure to answer our fourth question.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend!