Daily Update

Hillary’s week isn’t getting any better — first there is this:  Experts poke holes in Clinton Foundation’s promised donor ban, then there is this: Reuters is reporting that according to a think tank there were secret deals for Iran after the nuclear agreement, but the most damaging must read article today is in Politico:  Bill Clinton used tax dollars to subsidize foundation, private email server.  Without a doubt, Hillary and Bill are the most corrupt couple in US politics and actually make President Coriolanus Snow look good. 

Donald J. Trump is completing his best week yet,  The Washington Times says, Donald Trump: International Man of Diplomacy — yes, really.    This from Byron York: Mexico gamble a huge win for Trump.  From the NY Post editorial page:  Pivoting on immigration and Mexico: A good day for Trump.   BRYAN FISCHER, writes this in One News Now, Trump just won the White House

George F. Will opines on Team Obama’s bank-settlement cash grab is unconstitutional.  Imagine what could happen under a Hillary Administration….just another reason to make certain she does not become president.  The NY Post editorial headline states:  You can see right through Obama aide’s ‘transparency’ lies.  Again on this topic, imagine a Hillary Administration…she would probably jail reporters for reporting the truth. 

How government waste almost cost the life of a child and what was done to prevent such issues in the future. 

Legislators in Virginia fight back — File Contempt Motion Against McAuliffe Over Felon Voting

Read what Chairman Long thinks of this:  New York state court rules non-biological, non-adoptive parents can seek custody, visitation if couple breaks up

Sen. Schumer is still silent on EpiPens, but has no problem slamming Canadian rules

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