Daily Update

Sen. Schumer —  who we all know loves the camera and creates news on “hot topics”  —  has been strangely silent on the EpiPen skyrocketing costs.  Now we know why thanks to our US Senate candidate Wendy Long who broke the story yesterday. 

Mayor de Blasio is so indebted to the Teacher’s Union, he is seeking to create PROSE schools.  Mr. Mayor, please put the children first — support and expand Charter Schools. 

Cuomo administration announces plan to overhaul medical marijuana after complaints that the original bill is too restrictive.  The camel will soon be totally inside the tent!  Most of what they want to do now will be done by the DOH;  afterproposing regulatory amendments that will be published in the state register next month,  Most alarming is that one of the proposals is to allow schools to administer medical marijuana.   Think about that for a minute — schools cannot give a student an asprin — but they want to allow schools to administer “medical marijuana.”  Also, just last month the DEA would not take marijuana of the Schedule 1 list because it has never been proven that marijuana has medicinal effects.  The unintended consequences of any changes will be immeasurable. 

Is that college education worth the costs?

From the Daily Caller:  EXCLUSIVE: Hillary’s Closest Aides Worried About Who Had Access To Her Email Address.

Then there is this from the Observer:  Media Orgs Donate to Clinton Foundation Then Downplay Clinton Foundation Scandal

File this under:  Entitled College President using your tax dollars

The Albany Times Union’s editorial page asks Governor Cuomo “What’s to hide, governor?”

Obama tweaks Obamacare.

Dennis Prager opines On Hillary Clinton as a Model for Young Girls. 

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell.