Weekly Wrap-Up

Bleachbit” – it’s a company you may not have been familiar with, but thanks to Trey Gowdy we now know that it is a “deep-cleaning” tech program that annihilates emails for those with things to hide. Is this why Hillary is so sure there are no more damaging emails to be discovered?

What do you think is the most shocking item that might be found in the deleted State Department emails that Hillary Clinton is so desperate to hide? 

That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll – I hope you’ll vote today. 


The Clinton Foundation was corrupt to its core as Hillary took over the State Department, and she knew it

Looking back at the long history of Clinton corruption, you’ll recall that contributions to the Clinton Foundation have come from deep-pocketed left-wing donors, companies and organizations with ties to foreign nations, despots and dictators, international criminals, media outlets, and large corporations

Which of these groups do you think has benefited the most from Clinton Foundation corruption?  That’s our second Poll question for this week.

Meanwhile, thanks to all the Clinton corruption Hillary is forcing voters to sort through, other key issues are being ignored – from growing deficits and a ballooning national debt to Obamacare’s death spiral, and the cruel impact of illegal immigration. 

Which campaign issue would you like to see covered more extensively by the national media? That’s the third and final question in our Weekly Poll. 

I’ve been talking lately about double standards for liberals and conservatives, such as the laughable way that the media has excused President Obama’s shameful (non-)response to the Louisiana floods. 

Time to add some more hypocrisy to the pile – this time, it’s the bizarre media blackout of hacked George Soros documents. The left-wing billionaire’s anti-Israel crusade, his pro-abortion zealotry and his efforts to hijack global politics are huge stories – just not to the big media outlets.

Have a great weekend!