Daily Update

Hillary is not having a good week — Kathleen Parker opines in the Washington Post that “the coziness between State and the Clinton family charity exposes a troubling hubris…” among other equally eye-opening sentences in a decidedly left-of-center newspaper.  Read the rest of Ms. Parker’s column here.

David Keene opines in the Washington Times on a big slush fund for the Clinton Foundation.   Despite James Carville imprecise defense of the Foundation this morning, the Foundation does not have a stellar reputation as pointed out in Mr. Keene’s column…in fact, Charity Navigation had the Clinton Foundation on its watch list. 

How do your focus on your State Department priorities when the majority of you private meetings are with foundation donors?   Flashback:  Hillary said absolutely nothing she did at State was related with the foundation.

Huma Abedin was careless with material that needed to be burned.  That was careless, but, Huma’s working with her mother carries a much bigger concern

Hillary knows she really has a problem when old pal George Stephanopoulos and ABC covers the release of the additional 14,900 emails the FBI found and she did not turn over. 

But we shouldn’t worry as Hillary is just like us...as she proves with this email. 

Did George Soros teach the Clinton’s or did the Clinton’s teach George Soros that smearing your opponents is the only way to win?

Powerful: Mothers of Children Killed By Illegal Aliens Tell Their Stories

This is troublesome, hopefully we will be able to get a podcast and follow up on the EPA’s illegal human experiments

North Carolina is ground zero for the transgendered movement and what media gets wrong about the issue

Betsy McCaughey brings us up to date with her latest columns. 

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.