Daily Update

Have you ever heard of the “Judgement Fund”?  Neither did I, until I read this.  Kudos to the NY Sun for letting us know how President Obama paid Iran at our expense.  Do you find it ironic that the State Department issued a warning urging U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to Iran, which has made the detention of Americans a priority.  Now that Iran knows they can be paid a ransom the incentive to detain Americans increased ten times tenfold!

Clinton faces late summer scandal wave.  The Washington Times is also reporting on the undisclosed emails and the NY Post editorial sounds off on more Clinton Inc. sleaze.

Carl Campanile and Jazmin Rosa have an article in today’s NY Post that reads, “Cuomo wants the government to pay union workers higher wages.”  Since the government does not have any money of its own, the headline should be “Cuomo wants YOU to pay union workers higher wages.”

The Daily Signal lets us know how many jobs NYS (and other states) will lose with the staggering increase in the minimum wage — another Governor Cuomo boondoggle.

Yesterday a US District Judge in Texas blocked President Obama’s mandate to allow students to use the bathroom of their choice rather than of their birth.  Then another federal district court upheld a funeral director’s religious liberty in another case that considered transgendered rights. Today we learn of a two distinguished scholars at John Hopkins University  have released a lengthy, three-part report concluding that there’s not sufficient evidence to prove homosexuals and transgenders are born in that condition – in other words, there is no “gay gene.”  

Stephen Moore opines on What Republican Turncoats Forget. 

And William Bennett opines on What a Clinton Supreme Court Would Mean for America. 

Wendy Long responds to criticism of her remarks about Syracuse’s North Side (Commentary). 

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell