Daily Update

The NY Post writes that the “extreme vetting” that Donald J. Trump called for in his speech on fighting terrorism has been adopted at times of need here in the United States.   You can read the full text of his speech here

Fred Barnes critiques Mr. Trump’s speech

Did Hillary lie to Congress or the FBI?  We have a right to know before the November elections.

Windsor Mann opines about a candidate you can trust … (to lie).

Investor’s Business Daily is hoping that Preet Bharara will find the truth regarding the Clinton Foundation’s scams…we only hope that Preet Bharara will find the backbone to go after the Foundation’s scams and not fold like a cheap suit the way James Comey did after investigating Hillary’s email scam.

Rest assured, if Hillary becomes president, this will continue and most likely be expanded.

Heather Mac Donald explains Why Milwaukee Burns

According to the Daily Signal, 51 families ask the court to suspend Chicago’s bathroom and locker room policies.  This lawsuit joins other lawsuits filed by families across the country.  President Obama is undeterred by the lawsuits and will issue a new directive this week ordering all federal facilities to become unisex. 

US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, was in Syracuse and brought to light the problems some residents have been telling her about .  Long will be endorsed by Maggie’s List tomorrow.  Read about it here.

Aren’t reporters supposed to report the news — not report what they want you to hear?  Should this CNN reporter be fired

We are still the least free state according to a new report by the Cato Institute.

This was posted on our Conservative Party App earlier today.  Have you downloaded our App yet?

E. M. McMahon looks at Comptroller DiNapoli’s report on our NY Common Retirement Funds “slight gain.”

Mr. Mayor….education is paramount; enough of this.   (Be sure to read Tuesday’swith Thomas Sowell advice below.)

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell.