Weekly Wrap-Up

This week the media’s double standard for Donald Trump was revved up to seemingly new heights – from practically ignoring Hillary Clinton’s repulsive supporters (Trump is held accountable for any nut job who claims to support him) to deliberately taking Trump’s words out of context

 Increasingly the “mainstream” media is a mere parody of itself.

I’ve made this the subject of our new Weekly Poll: How much of a double-standard do you see in the media’s coverage of Hillary Clinton compared to Donald Trump? What do you see as the media’s worst tactic when it comes to vilifying Donald Trump? And which media outlet do you believe is the WORST when it comes to unfair coverage of Donald Trump?

I look forward to seeing what people have to say.

More Clinton hypocrisy: Hillary’s not always opposed to walls to protect important land – when it comes to keeping outsiders away from her personal property, no wall is too big. 
Of course, a hefty donation to the Clinton Foundation would likely allow almost anyone to gain access to the Clinton Estate.

It’s another disgraceful move by the Obama Department of Justice: Hillary Clinton once again gets a pass on her blatant corruption (this time it’s her pay-to-play abuse of the State Department and the Clinton Foundation – it’s hard to keep track of all the scandals, I know). 

The FBI wanted an investigation. Obama’s political team – I mean, the DOJ said no.

Investor’s Business Daily shares the 44 new Clinton lies uncovered this week – that’s the number of Clinton emails unearthed from an account Hillary said she wasn’t using.

Another day, another scandal – there seems to be no limit to Clinton corruption. 

Have a great weekend!