Daily Update

Help me understand this — President Obama who airlifted $400 million to Iran in January as 4 Americans were being released by Theran and claims it wasn’t ransom — is calling Donald J. Trump “unfit to be President” while holding a news conference with the Prime Minister of Singapore.  President Obama consistently praises Hillary despite the fact that the FBI Director detailed a long list of Clinton’s violations but declined to prosecute the case. 

Mr. President, your remarks are purely political and made to help elect a woman who is unfit to be president just to protect your legacy. 

Need more proof that Hillary is unfit to be president.  Watch this clip with Joe Connor on Fox and Friends this morning. 

Of course, there are still things we do not know about Hillary’s term as Secretary of State.

This is a terrifying thought

Expect more of this if Hillary were to become president.

Obama speaks of what he knows, being ‘unfit to be president’

Sen. Schumer sidesteps debate question.  Seriously, Sen. Schumer?  What are you afraid of?

Thanks to Governor Cuomo your electric bill is going up.

Lawmakers grill Cuomo official over Start-Up NY.

Bill Bratton’s new employer is a powerhouse consulting firm with deep connections to the Clintons — and a controversial past that includes a US Senate probe into its government ­access.

Did you know that President Obama has commuted more prison sentences than the last nine presidents combined? And I seriously doubt he is finished yet. 

Obamacare takes another hit, and Medicare is on life support.

Former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey sounds off on “tax-shaming.”

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.