Daily Update

Tonight is the night Hillary Clinton accepts the manipulated nomination to become the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.  According to The Hill, Hillary will cast the election as a “moment of reckoning.”  Hillary and her cronies have done their best to reinvent her, yet again, as a dedicated public servant only interested in the well beings of others.  Here is a more accurate picture of the woman who was too busy worrying about what the rescuers of our citizens in Benghazi would wear instead of actually rescuing them.  Here is what Dr. Sebastian Gorka thinks of Hillary’s foreign policy record. 

Hillary Clinton’s Petard.  

John Stossel opines on Clinton’s Cash. 

Ben Shapiro opines on that glass ceiling Hillary shattered.  He ends with “She may have made things worse. The last thing America needs is for its first female president to be a felonious harridan concerned with her own power above the priorities of the American people.”

True to form, Barack Obama’s can really whip up a crowd with words that mean nothing to him…unless they are extolling how wonderful he is.  Obama missed his true calling…being an actor!  Justin Holcomb reviews President Obama’s speech here

The headline is:  Obama and Biden, arguing to stay the course, make a case against Trump…Seriously?  Stay the course?  The Washington Post is so wrong to encourage … no believe and promote the lies these two put forth which is why I will not link to the article. 

File this under Unbelievable:  Democratic Delegate: Stop Shouting USA, ‘That’s A Trump Chant’

The NY Post editorial has some sobering thoughts in its editorial:  If Hillary was hacked, Trump’s joke becomes our nightmare

The turmoil in Turkey continues.

Ronald Reagan’s shooter is free…Americans should be outraged.

How de Blasio’s nursing home scandal compares to Watergate

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